Is there any hope of equality in Hollywood?

My current fashion favourite Sienna Miller has just revealed she's done something crazy. Speaking to Vogue magazine, for which she is this month's cover star, Sienna revealed that she walked away from a role on Broadway as she was offered less than half the pay of her male co-star. While she didn't name the theatre, play or actor in question, we're not surprised she, like many others, has finally taking a stand. And it's not because she favours film roles over theatre, in fact, Sienna described her opening night of Cabaret as 'euphoric'.

This isn't the first time the gender pay gap in Hollywood has been headline news in 2015. In April, hacked emails from Sony revealed that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid significantly less than their male counterparts for their roles in American Hustle, despite Adams appearing in almost every scene. Later on in the year however, Jennifer was names Hollywood's highest paid female actor, yet she still continues to earn £18 million less than her male equivalents. It's shocking. I know I'd rather sit through 90 minutes of Jennifer Lawrence than Robert Downey Jr.

And that's not all I'm afraid. Last week, Anne Hathaway, 32, revealed that she has been losing out on parts to 24 year olds. (Although she is the bookies favourite to play Mary Poppins in the Disney remake!) And in May, Maggie Gyllenhaal, 37, was told she was too old to play the love interest of a 55-year-old man. Why is age so important for females and not for males?

Guess what, I'm not done. Rose McGowan, 42, who was one of the main stars of witch-y drama Charmed, revealed she was told to wear low cut vest tops that showed her cleavage to secure roles. McGowan has since been dropped by her agent for her revelation. Snide. Can you image an actor, now in their mid-40s, being asked to wear skimpy clothes to secure a role. I don't think so.

With all this inequality, it's no wonder that stars are starting to take a stand. Cue Patricia Arquette's Oscar acceptance speech where she almost pleaded for gender equality, which got the unwavering support of Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully times are changing and we'll see equal paycheques to actresses who bag roles for their talent, not age and/or body type.

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