Transition time.

Out of nowhere, the sun and heat have appeared in the UK; and with it, confused men. Although the maximum temperature so far this week has only been a measly 13°C, it has felt a lot warmer making many men ask: 'Too soon for shorts?' If you've got pale legs and pastey arms, so what?

VMan demonstrates the issue perfectly: Jacket? Knit? Topless? Who knows!?

You've gotta start tanning them from some point in the year so why not now? Admittedly it may be a bit soon for short shorts and tank tops, so here's my take on dressing weather appropriately for the Winter - Spring transition.

Rule number 1: Roll up your skinny jeans or chinos. This is the easiest way to start getting colour to any pale legs. Pair with a boat shoe, brogue or sandal to complete this preppy look. Another benefit of this rule is you can roll them down when the temperature drops, easy!

Rule number 2: No knitwear 'til evening. Although layering is good; knitwear, especially wool, will just make you even hotter and sweaty faces is not an attractive look. Putting a lightweight shirt ideally cotton or linen over a t-shirt or vest is a better way to get the desired layering look.

Rule number 3: Lighter colour suits. As you know, dark fabrics will take in the heat whereas white fabrics reflect it. So when deciding on your suit for the daily grind, a light grey would be ideal. As a white suit, no matter what anyone says, still connotes John Travolta circa 'Saturday Night Fever'.

Rule number 4: Wear lightweight outerwear. As it is the UK, around 4pm it's gonna get a bit nippy. Especially as we're not even in April yet. My advice is keep a lightweight trench with you for any unexpected showers or cold spells. Wear with the sleeves pushed up throughout the day for that casual feel.

Rule number 5: Hats and Sunglasses. A tricky one this time of year as you don't want to look a fool. However, in bright light you scrunch up your face to see. This leads to crows feet. Not cool. So sunglasses are a must outside. (Never to be worn inside or when then sun's not out.) Then as for hats, if, like me you're a paley and sunstroke is almost as easy to catch as a cat with no legs, where a hat. Opt for straw this hints at summer but is still acceptable in the Spring.

Get into Spring men!

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