Menswear Essentials.

Women bang on about capsule wardrobes all the time whether it's for a holiday, the office, cocktail parties etc. So this got me thinking: what items are essential to every man's wardrobe? With help from my new go-to website Mr. Porter, I've compiled a list of 8 garments all men should own.

1. The Grey Suit - Not black so you won't get the added funeral pun. Not navy as you're unlikely to be a Pilot/Sailor and if you are, your uniform is not something you want clogging up your wardrobe. Grey. Grey can be worn in the Summer, grey can be warn in the Winter. It's a win win situation.

2. The White T-Shirt - It's simple, goes with everything, looks clean and crisp under a trench, a blazer or whatever. It's an easy must have. And don't get one, get loads. As soon as they lose their crisp-ness they need getting rid of/saved for pyjama use.

3. The Trench Coat - The coat made for all weather conditions. Wind, rain, snow, sun the trench will have you covered. Burberry have pure cotton trenches in the Summer months then thick wool in the Winter. The possibilities are endless just keep the colours neutral: white, beige, olive, navy etc.

4. The Right Jeans - Jeans are a tricky one but they are essential. The thing with jeans is keeping them age appropriate. A Grandad in the latest 'skinny carrot' trend would look odd so do your research before you buy. It has to be said, for premium jeans head to Levi's.

5. The Summer Short - Think smart. No chunky cargo shorts: You're looking for sleek city shorts. Think as though you were bored with your suit so turned the trousers into shorts. Easy.

6. The Jumper - Even in Summer, we still need a jumper in the evening. Less of the cashmere, more of the merino wool. Thin woven fabric but tightly fitted for warmth. Just throw over a white shirt and team with your city shorts for that Summer evening look.

7. The White Shirt - Just like the white t-shirt but to be worn under your grey suit. Or to occasions where a t-shirt is inappropriate. Nothing beats a white shirt but with the grey suit try pastel colours such a dusty pink and baby blue.

8. The Tracksuit - It's Sunday, you have nothing else to do so you're collapsed on the sofa only getting up from your pit for toilet breaks and carbs. But what do you wear? It's easy a tracksuit. Not the 'chav' nylon/polyester blend but cotton, think Ralph Lauren as your go-to shop. As for colour, grey or navy. Nothing garish.

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