Classy vs. Trashy.

I don't understand some girls and their need to fit this orange, bodycon mould. Glorified by the cast of The Only Way is Essex et al., there has been a sharp rise in barely there outfits, fake tan and eyelashes so thick that they could set of a wind turbine with a single blink. But why? With fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham dressing sophisticatedly and still looking incredibly sexy, ladies everywhere should have guys begging for more by showing relatively nothing.

Instead of giving it to guys on a plate, why not let their imagination do the leg work?

Here's my breakdown of how to keep it classy but not frumpy and sexy without looking like a streetwalker, or worse, a TOWIE cast member...

1. It has to fit: muffin tops, 4 breasts... you know what I mean. Not hot. By making sure your clothes fit, there'll be no unsightly overhangs or bulges. Take Christina Aguilera. She's recently gained a bit of weight but it seems she's still wearing the same size dresses. By wearing a size to small, she appears even bigger than she actually is.

Admittedly Herve Leger dresses are difficult for anyone to wear, but if Xtina had opted for a dress that fitted her properly, we wouldn't have the muffin top mis-hap.

By avoiding bandgae, Kim Kardashian looks super sexy in this prefectly fitting, red lace dress. Note the length too.

2. No to neon: Although neons are 'in' at the moment there are some that take it to the extreme. There are ways of spicing up an outfit without looking like trash. Christian Louboutin has brought out some neon shoes this season. Team them with a monochrome outfit and you have a winning look.

 Don't get me wrong, I love Cheryl Cole. But this outfit looks so cheap. Imagine if the dress was black and maroon, that'd make it bearable!

Kristen Stewart absolutely NAILS the look by keeping the rest of her outfit relatively plain.

3. Styling is key: Even an amazing dress can be ruined by bad styling. A pony tail or chignon is a way of keeping an outfit classy and definitely not trashy. Also, unkept hair extensions are one of the biggest bains of my life! If they need replacing either take them out or hide them!

This Zuhair Murad dress looked stunning on K.Stew, but i really wish she'd gone for a high pony tail. It would have made the look so much more polished.

 At this year's Met Gala, Kate Bosworth looked incredible in feather Prada dress but the simple top knot made the look so much more elegant.

So there you have it, my take on how to keep your look classy. First of all, make sure your clothes fit and are appropriate for your figure, keep colour palettes relatively muted but do add pops of colour and finally make sure you look polished - it takes 5 seconds to give your self a fierce high pony!

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