David Beckham for Elle.

Last week UK Elle announced that their July cover star, for the first time in history, would be a solo male.

Because I'm a genius I instantly tweeted them saying it'd be David Beckham. But I got no response, surprise. Then I started reading tweets by Elle from their followers about the possibility of Robert Pattinson, Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield. They may be 'hot right now' to quote Rita Ora, but David Beckham IS a style icon for men and has been for over a decade, he's not some Hollywood starlet. David Beckham is worthy of the cover of a respected fashion magazine and to quote the man himself, he sees the experience of being Elle's first solo male cover star an 'honour'.

When it was announced yesterday that the cover star was indeed Beckham I definitely felt very smug. This gave way to frustration as the day progressed. Elle kept teasing followers by posting pictures of clothes, accessories, food (WTF) and the set. But none of David! ...except a shot of his tattoed arm. Then they were commenting on his new hair for the shoot and how easy he was to work with, but still no pictures of David. And now, a day later I literally cannot wait for the July issue to surface: last week of May, get it in your diaries!

Who can compare? Really?

Personally, I'm hoping for at least one shirtless, slightly homoerotic shot that is worthy of a place on my bedroom wall. As well as a suited and booted shot. And maybe a casual white tee, jeans and worker boots shot. OK, any shot.
He's just one that gets better and better with age!

C'mon Elle, give us a glimpse!

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