Black Swan.

I went to see Black Swan the other night and when I was watching it I didn't know what to make of it. But as soon as I left the cinema, I wanted to see it again. Natalie Portman stars as Nina Sayers, a ballet dancer who has never been given a lead role due to her frigid nature and desire for perfection.

But as Beth, the current leading lady played by Winona Ryder, leaves the company; Nina earns the chance to audition for the Swan Queen in Swan Lake. She gets the part after biting the company's director, played by Vincent Cassel, showing her dark side and ability to play the Black Swan as well as the White.

Nina's inability to seduce the audience slowly drives her insane as all she wants is to be perfect. This insanity grows with the introduction of Lily, (played by Mila Kunis) Nina's alternate should she be unable to perform. Lily has all the seduction that Nina wants although her technique isn't as strong as Nina's. This leaves Nina fighting with herself to let go and release her inner Black Swan that torments her throughout the film.

Without giving anything away, the ending is a bit of an unexpected twist, but totally worth the wait. I would recommend this film to anyone. Except rugby players, I don't think they'd appreciate the art that is ballet. Although, there is a  lesbian scene in there, that might persuade 'em!

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