Merry Christmas!

Hey guys, I know I'm a day late but... Merry Christmas!

So, what did I get? Well, this is the first year where I've felt like a grown-up as everything I was fortunate enough to get, I needed but didn't want... apart from my Carbon International Barbour. Ah-may-zing. What I mean is, all my other presents like money, toiletries and underwear etc. were things I actually needed. Since moving out on my own, things I took for granted like washing powder are now being funded by me resulting in less money for pretty things like a Brurberry aviator jacket. Hint hint to anyone. However I did also get my body weight in confectionery which I am quickly devouring this was definitely a want not a need.

But anyway, have a great week sale shopping all you fashion bunnies! And I'll be back posting soon!

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