Swooning for Saint Laurent.

It's not often that I'll jump on a celebrity craze, but for these Saint Laurent boots I'll make an exception.

As you can get both men's and women's styles, anyone who's anyone has been spotted wearing the stone coloured suede boots. Stars from Lenny Kravitz to Kendall Jenner have all rocked the look recently and I desperately want in!

Despite his recent mishap (just Google 'Lenny Kravitz Penisgate' to find out what I mean...), Lenny looks younger than his years in this look. The Saint Laurent boots work well with leather pants, see also on Kendall Jenner, down below.

Harry Styles has been a fan of the brand for years, choosing to wear many of their different styles.  Somewhat like Lenny Kravitz, Harry seems to pull off the 70s pop/rock god look very well.

Scott Disick, however controversial, has great style. This look of his is one of my favourites and one I've tried to emulate many a time. IF ONLY I HAD THE BOOTS. Like Lenny, Scott (sorry, Lord) wore the boots with an oversized check shirt and sunglasses.

As I mentioned, this stylish footwear isn't just for the guys. Kendall Jenner recently stepped out in a pair - perhaps she was taking style tips from her half sister's now ex-boyfriend.

I am determined to work my butt off until I own a pair of these incredible shoes. If I could just avoid Zara and ASOS in the meantime, that would be great.

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