With the menswear shows barely over in Paris, New York Fashion Week is well under way. The Autumn/Winter collections are my favourite. Luxurious, opulent fabrics and precise layering rule the runways that you scour for the perfect Winter coat.

And so it begins - David Beckham takes his seat alongside Anna Wintour for Victoria Beckham’s AW13 Show.

We’re only a couple of days in and there are already several collections to note:

1. Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice has done it again. Beginning the collection with elegant outerwear and closing with sharp tailoring, which referenced Saint Laurent’s ‘Le Smoking’, Victoria Beckham’s latest collection was a definite nod to menswear.
Amongst the pieces of outerwear were beautiful, even if expected, silhouette-hugging midi dresses. The juxtaposition between masculine and feminine really showed a progression in VB’s design skills.

2. Prabal Gurung

I’m usually one for classic designers, but Gurung has blown me away with his AW13 collection. Exquisite military tailoring began the collection in both khaki green and navy blue, each adorned with intricate imperial brocade – which to me looked incredible however style.com's Tim Blanks begs to differ.  The imperial brocade trickled through to beautiful sweeps through the eveningwear. This collection will be on every celebrity's must-have list. Mark my words.

3. Donna Karan

If I’m being honest, I’ve never paid much attention to Donna Karan. The American designer has never produced anything that I’ve really loved, until now. Donna Karan is the master of drapery this season. With stunning embellished eveningwear and an amazing way of layering sheer with obtuse, this collection has really impressed me. Donna Karan is definitely now, and forever more, on my fashion radar.

4. Marc Jacobs

Up until now, like Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs' collections have never lit my fashion fuse. Although the individual garments were typical of Jacobs: cable knits, high-waisted briefs and architectural tailoring, the collection felt new and exciting. Every piece was wearable which is the main reason why this was my favourite collection from New York. Playing on textures, Marc Jacobs featured a mix of furs, silks, wools and heavily embellished sequin gowns - each as impressive as the next. Congratulations Marc, you've caught my attention.

5. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's collection, for me, screamed Gatsby Glamour. Hints of rich, opulent colours brightened up a nearly all-black collection. Velvet only added to the luxuriousness of the collection in emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst tones. My stand out piece was the sapphire blue, velvet halter neck dress with intricate neck detailing. Military influences also featured through tailoring, like at Prabal Gurung's show. Impeccably styled as always, the collection was another triumph for Ralph with each piece not only being wearable but desirable too.

6. Calvin Klein Collection

The Calvin Klein girls has changed: she's edgier, tougher and possibly 'in to' leather! Designer Fancisco Costa updated classic Klein silhouettes by belting them and, like Marc Jacobs, explored texture this season. Outerwear with exaggerated, almost mannish shoulders in wool contrasted beautifully against the sheen of leather skirts. It was great to see some familiar faces on the runway too: Carolyn Murphy, Elise Crombez and Hilary Rhoda all returned for the show.

For full collection photos and reviews - if mine aren't professional enough, head over to style.com 

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