Nicola Roberts: Style Evolution.

Once upon a time, little Nicola Roberts from Runcorn, Cheshire was the underrated member of a new girl band of 'typical beauties'. When stood next to Cheryl Cole et al, it's no wonder that Nicola became a shrinking violet after being taunted by the press and even in some cases fellow celebrities (Yes, you Chris Moyles). 10 years on and Nicola is now a force to be reckoned with in the fashion stakes and after stepping away from the St. Tropez, Roberts has truly evolved into the red hot siren she was born to be.

Where it all began: 2002 - Nicola was voted in to 'Girls Aloud' on the TV show 'Popstars: The Rivals'. A show unlike any other. as two groups would reach the final, one male and one female, but only one would be crowned Christmas No.1 and ultimately the winners of the show.

After being told by one of the show's producers, Nicola took to spray tans just to fit in with the other girls.

In the early years of Girls Aloud, by trying to blend in, Nicola got lost in the band. She became another tanned beauty in a sea of perfect popstars. It wasn't until the Biology music video that Roberts stepped away from the tan.

From blending in to standing out - It's evident that Nicola's Confidence also grew.

During 'The Passions of Girls Aloud' television programme, Nicola created her own make up range for pale skin. 'Dainty Doll' is now available nationwide and is a massive success with users often tweeting Nicola with their purchases. Around the same time, Girls Aloud released 'Tangled Up' and Nicola was clearly much more confident in her own skin as the album cover shows:

Can I just draw your attention to Nicola's figure? I'm going to put it out there: best in the band!

During their three year hiatus, Nicola undertook many solo projects including her album, working with Rihanna on 'Styled to Rock, her make up range and passing the law that no person under the age of 18 may use a sun bed in the UK.

Embracing the pale: Nicola is now an ambassador for pale skin nationally.

On set for the video of her second single 'Lucky Day'.

On a photoshoot with Henry Holland to promote 'Styled to Rock'.

Front row at London Fashion Week alongside Kelis & Olivia Palermo.

Now always smiling, Nicola Roberts has grown up in front of us.

Nicola is an inspiration for so many people that she deserved her own post. Looking back to 2002, Nicola who was only 16, has transformed herself into a role model that even Rihanna had to be involved with. I can't wait for the Girls Aloud reunion tour, hopefully Nicola will be rocking some incredible outfits that once again will set her apart from the rest.

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