Out of ideas, Anna?

I know that last month I was raving about American Vogue, but are they running out of ideas? The June issue has landed and there are some striking similarities from back issues. Remember Gisele Bundchen's cover with basketball star LeBron James? Well the new cover is very similar, featuring Olympic athletes Hope Solo, Ryan Lochete and Serena Williams. Agree?

Action shot, smiles all round... very samey.

And it isn't just the cover that's similar. An editorial featuring athletes posing with the latest 'Wintour favourite', Karlie Kloss, reminds me of a past editorial featuring one of my favourite models, Caroline Trentini. Then there's a shot featuring Kloss sat in a basketball hoop, which Trentini also did in an earlier issue.

See what I mean? Nude flowing dresses, models posing, swimmers swimming...

And again, models posing in gowns, athletes/dancers doing their thing. Yawn.

There's also one other shot featuring Kloss wearing McQueen in a changing room with a smoke machine replicating the steam from a shower. After McQueen's passing, American Vogue ran an editorial featuring McQueen gowns in a hazey setting, styled in a similar way. So again, Vogue has brought nothing new to the table.

 I rest my case. Same, same, same.

Sort it out Anna!

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