Miranda Kerr: 2011 Style Queen.

It's not often that I become totally smitten with a starlet's style. But this model muse has really upped her style stakes this year knocking out killer outfit after killer outfit. From pavements to red carpets, Miranda Kerr repeatedly looks elegant, chic and bang on trend. It's hard to believe she's a mother of one, wife to Orlando Bloom and Victoria's Secret supermodel. I understand she may have some 'help' with baby Flynn, but she looks damn good day in day out: I mean Orlando Bloom must be pretty happy with himself. To coin a term of my brother's, she is a certified MILF.

The Day Job: Miranda is most famous for her work with Victoria's Secret.

Why her style works:
One way to get a sophisticated, elegant daytime look is to stick to monochrome with rich colour accessories. Miranda has rocked many monochrome looks this year and here are a few of my favourites. One daytime staple Kerr uses is big sunglasses, not that she needs them to hide her face which, by the way, is flawless. Even Cheryl Cole must get dimple envy from Kerr as hers are BE-YOND. Another way to achieve Miranda's look is not to distract from the outfit: keep accessories/make up/hair simple. A simple pop of colour in her lips, shoes or bags set off her outfits.
For evening, Jil Sander's take on the fringe dress is Miranda's perfect LBD. A lot of stylists/fashion industry experts accuse celebrities and models of being boring and/or safe by choosing an LBD for red carpet events but once again Miranda nails the look with big cut out pieces and slits of flesh through each strand of fringe. INCRED.

Top tips: Monochrome, rich colour accessories, sunglasses & the daring LBD.

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