July 1991.

I recently received a copy of British Vogue from the month I was born: July 1991. So I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite images from the issue. 90s supermodel Christy Turlington takes the cover with the words 'Body Thinking: The cut and the curve' followed by 'Birthday Wishes to The Princess o Wales'. Sadly I wasn't famous enough to make the cover but at least it says birthday wishes, hey!?

Christy Turlington on the cover with err... shells?

Fellow veteran supermodel Claudia Schiffer plays on the beach.

An editorial on the right swimming costume for you.

And Patsy Kensit depicts a 1950s Hollywood heroin/damsel in distress.

The most shocking thing about the magazine the Ralph Lauren perfume sample still smells! 19 years and 7 months later. Ah-may-zing. Something else interesting is the advert for the Harley Medical Group. The advert is simple but effective. It's a naked woman with the text 'Wear the clothes you always wanted to.' I'm guessing they got a few more patients that year due to the perfect supermodels being plastered everywhere. It's also amusing that they call liposuction a 'minor surgical procedure' ...yerr right!

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