Related merchandise.

Fashion can be split into three: garments, related merchandise and services. Garments being types of apparel like skirts or a pair of jeans, related merchandise being make up, perfume, shoes and jewellery etc., then services include personal shopping and going to the hairdressers.

As my favourite brand in the entire world, Burberry, has just launched a make up range, I thought I'd look into all their related merchandise and the list goes on and on and on! Who knew Burberry did so much!? From looking in store and online, I've seen underwear, umbrellas, perfume, scarves, gloves, watches, jewellery, shoes and of course make up. So next time your umbrella blows inside out and causes extreme embarrassment in the city centre, you know where to head!

As Burberry is such an exclusive brand, the make up is currently only available in Harrods, but hey, if it makes you look as good as these girls it's worth the journey! Notice how they're not orange? Pale is the new tan girls! Or as Heat magazine put it, dazzle don't frazzle.

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